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Yoko Ono despre feminism


Din interviul realizat de Interview Magazine cu ocazia festivalului SXSW:

VOLLMER: What’s your take on feminism and women’s rights here and in the world right now?

ONO: I think there is an incredible repercussion. We stood up for feminism and all that, and it came to a point that we were attacked so much that women got very intimidated and said, „No, I’m not a feminist, no, I think feminism is bad.” There’s nothing bad about feminism. We have to help each other, because there’s a lot of women in the world who are suffering because the fact is we’re not equal. It’s as plain as that. It’s still a men’s world. I don’t know. We’ll go on with it.

VOLLMER: What do you think about the revolutions in the Middle East with regards to women’s rights?

ONO: Incredible, isn’t it? I did know there will be some kind of backlash as well, et cetera. We have to work very slowly. Whatever happened in the Middle East is almost symbolic. Whatever happens to it, even if it just disappears, it’s in our hearts, we’ll remember it and that gives us incredible strength.

Yoko Ono – Move on Fast

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